Can we distinguish!

This is not a research based article, but an experience based.

I live in a society, and I think mine is not different from the Global Society, where most beliefs are not a result of personal conscious or research. These beliefs are inherited among generations. We can observe them in the form of rituals and behaviors.

All religions have a common goal that is to root harmony, equality and peace in society. But, some beliefs are misrepresented and cause differences among people in society.

What’s the problem?

The problem is that we are not taught to do personal research and…

How did I graphically visualize percentage consumption per category without importing python plotting libraries like matplotlib?

Python Graph Representing Consumption per Category

Since this is a challenge to gain certification, I’m not going to present my code like I do in my web scraping articles. I’ll explain just how I figured out the solution.

The Problems

There were some beautiful events in this scary year, some undesirable too.

I have been a teacher for about three years. It was my first ever class that I started with, and I was a planning a farewell for them. Being pioneer of my experience, this class was my 1st love. There was another, my 2nd love. Both these classes were so important for me that I couldn’t expect them going away. But yeah, it had to be.

My 1st class left me and I gave them 2 farewells(I never wanted to miss them, ’cause remembering and not finding hurts)…

So far, I have mentioned 2 approaches for scraping menus from, in Part-I and Part-II. Here are part-III and another approach towards web scraping.

The 3rd Approach

In this approach, I have not used BeautifulSoup and Pandas libraries. This script scrapes the menus from the stores at any location of choice and saves the data as a JSON file. The JSON file contains the main header of “Menu”, some sub-headers with the names of the “food stores”, and inner nodes of “food categories” in each store. Then, each category contains the product name as the “Key”, and its price as the “Value”…

In part 1, I scraped for restaurants’ menus with a different approach. Here is my second approach.

Summary of the 1st Approach

The scraper navigated to the URL(, clicked on a food item(this opened a page of food stores in New York), clicked on each store, scraped the menus, returned to the stores’ page, and repeated this loop until it scraped 10,000–10,050 menus. If needed, it clicked the next page button.


The 2nd Approach(This one)

This time I wanted to be able to enter a manual search string for a location with the script name, in the terminal. And, for that, I…

Since I started automating browsers for web scraping, scrolling the page was a challenge for me. I searched over the internet and found many solutions. One such solution was

browser.execute_script("window.scrollTo(x, y)")

where ‘x’ is the position over the x-axis and ‘y’ is the position over the y-axis.

But, how would I know these coordinates?

1st Approach

To solve the problem I found another answer

browser.execute_script("window.scrollTo(0, document.body.scrollHeight)")

where ‘x’ = 0, and ‘y’= full height of the document.

2nd Approach

I decided to put some range for page size and run the scrolling code inside a loop i.e.

for i in range(0, 7000, 200)…

I have been a teacher for about 4 years. Just two months ago, I left the field unintentionally due to some compulsion. All I earned was love, compassion, and honor.

This story is about that beautiful experience.

When I started as a teacher, I was a noob among all the teachers there. All the experienced teachers advised me to show sternness that I couldn’t. I was told that students are not true to anyone. And, I used to think that why should they be! …

This is a part of a series about Dynamic Web Scraping. And, this is


Dynamic Websites

Dynamic websites produce some results based on some action of a user. For example, when a webpage is completely loaded only on scroll down or move the mouse over the screen there must be some dynamic programming behind this. When you hover the mouse pointer over some text and it gives you some options, it also contains some dynamics. One…

Irfan Ahmad

A freelance web scraper, enthusiast data scientist, and an independent Bioinformatics researcher

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